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Scratch 2.0 in 2016!

a screenshot of the Scratch environment

In 2016, we will explore the latest version (2.0) of Scratch, software from MIT that lets you imagine, create, and share computer animations. Scratch lets you build videos and games, and animate their characters by dragging and dropping interlocking blocks. It offers excellent sound support for music, and comes with its own built-in sound and drum machines!

There will be two 1-week day-camps in summer 2016, meeting from 9:30 am until 2:30 pm on these dates:

If you attended one of last year's camps, you are welcome to attend again and build a bigger and better project this year!

Students should come to the camp with either:

  1. a favorite song and an idea for a music video for it; or
  2. an idea for a 2-D computer game they would like to create.
In each camp, students will receive hands-on practice in the basics of computer animation, how to merge photographs, animation, and sound, how to publish their project on the World Wide Web, and a lot more!

The final afternoon of each camp is our Showcase Session, in which each student will get to show their project on "the big screen"! Parents, siblings, and friends: mark your calendars; you are welcome to attend this session!

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